Upcoming Live Shows

There are no upcoming live shows at the moment.

Past Live Shows

28-30/09/2023: Metal Gates Festival (Quantic Club, Bucharest, Romania) Poster
11/03/2023: Shattered Hope - Evadne - Ocean of Grief (Temple, Athens, Greece) Poster
28/10/2022: Darken the Moon XIV (CCM - Kerk, Mechelen, Belgium) Poster
04/03/2022: Shattered Hope - Manos Six + the Muddy Devil (Temple, Athens, Greece) Poster
05/10/2019: The Room of Doom Fest (Temple, Athens, Greece) Poster
28/04/2018: Bell Witch - Shattered Hope (Temple, Athens, Greece) Poster
18/03/2017: Shattered Hope - Omega Monolith (Stoa 60, Heraklion, Greece) Poster
14/05/2016: Clamor Of Existence - Shattered Hope - Omega Monolith (Memphis Rock Bar, Patra, Greece) Poster
12-13/02/2016: Under the Doom (RCA Club, Lisbon, Portugal) Poster
10/01/2016: UMMADOOMA (An Club, Athens, Greece) Poster
22/11/2015: Paradise Lost - Shattered Hope (Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece) Poster
21/03/2015: Shattered Hope - Asphodel - Clamor of Existence (Memphis Rock Bar, Patra, Greece) Poster
18/01/2015: Doom Over Greece (An Club, Athens, Greece) Poster
17/01/2015: Doom Over Greece (Eightball, Thessaloniki, Greece) Poster
09/08/2014: ARTmania Festival (Calea Gusteritei, Sibiu, Romania) Poster
17/05/2014: Underworld Rises Fest Vol II (Pili Vithleem, Heraklion, Greece) Poster
16/03/2014: Ahab - Shattered Hope - Nekkar (An Club, Athens, Greece) Poster
18-19/10/2013: Bloodcult Fest #7 (Periigitiki, Rethymno, Greece) Poster
18/05/2013: Saturnus - Shattered Hope (An Club, Athens, Greece) Poster
04/05/2013: Night of the Fallen Angels (Rock & Roll Club, Romagnano Sesia, Italy) Poster
26-27/04/2013: Doom Shall Rise (Göppingen Chapel, Göppingen, Germany)
16/12/2012: Aeon Aphelion - Shattered Hope - DreamLongDead (An Club, Athens, Greece) Poster
13-14/07/2012: Ghost Festival (Rasnov Citadel, Rasnov, Romania) Poster
11-13/11/2011: Dutch Doom Days (Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) Poster
18/09/2010: Dublin Doom Day, Chapter 2 (Fibber Magees, Dublin, Ireland)
31/01/2010: My Dying Bride - Shattered Hope (Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece) Poster
09/01/2010: Draconian - Elysion - Shattered Hope - Daylight Misery (An Club, Athens, Greece) Poster
10/10/2009: delftDOOM (Flora Theater, Delft, The Netherlands) Poster
11/10/2008: Mourning Beloveth - Ataraxie - Hedon Cries - Shattered Hope (Texas Necropolis, Athens, Greece) Poster
11/05/2008: Doooom Over Paris (Le Klub, Paris, France) Poster
29/03/2008: Hedon Cries - Decemberance - Shattered Hope - Bohemian Grove (Student's Hall of the University of Patras, Patras, Greece) Poster
24/02/2008: Inborn Suffering - Shattered Hope - Dimlight - Miasma (An Club, Athens, Greece) Poster
19/01/2008: Saturnus - Decemberance - Shattered Hope (Underworld, Athens, Greece) Poster
18/11/2007: Infidel - Shattered Hope - Universe217 (Ston Aera, Athens, Greece) Poster
30/04/2007: Noiselust - Agnes Vein - Decemberance - Shattered Hope (Mylos, Thessaloniki, Greece) Poster