Our upcoming album will be released on November 6th by Solitude Productions. Here is a small teaser of what the Doomsday will bring...


Our upcoming album "Vespers" will be released this November by Solitude Productions. Tracklist of the upcoming album is the following:

I. In Cold Blood
II. Verge
III. Συριγμός (Sibilation)
IV. Towards the Land of Deception
V. The Judas Tree

Our third album, is for sure the coldest shape of us. We are very pleased, or not, that we finally succeeded to capture our rotten feelings and broken minds in these 60 minutes of bizarre music. Looking forward to share every note of it with you all.

Click by our talented brother Nick Paleologos.


After four years since the release of "Waters of Lethe", we entered the studio at Timeless Recording Studios once more, to give shape to the chaos we were carrying in our minds. Our third album was recorded there by Babis Tzanidakis, who did a fantastic job. Mixed by our guitarist Sakis after a long and wearing process and the result was already awesome. Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, who gave it its final form which is solid, heavy and cold!! We have to thank everyone who was involved in order to make it happen. More info will follow. Prepare for DOOM...


After a few months of searching, finally, we'd like to introduce our new drummer. The hammers of doom will be forged by Yiannis Filippaios (Decemberance, Daylight Misery, ex- Immensity, ex- Ritual of the Black Sun). We are already rehearsing our upcoming third album, which we hope to release this year. Until then, stay doomed!


We are honoured to announce our participation in The Room Of Doom Fest!! The second edition of this great fest will take place at Temple, on October 5th. It's going to be a very special show for Shattered Hope, for reasons that we will announce in the future. We hope to see each one of you there.


It's been a while since our last show in Athens. So, on April 28th we share the stage with Bell Witch for a heavy and slow congregation! Doom will rise at Temple. See you at the bar...


With great pleasure we return to Heraklion for a night of doom!! On Saturday, March 18th, we share the stage with Omega Monolith at Στοά 60. Let there be DOOM...


We are sorry to announce that our performance at Doom over Bucharest II is postponed. We'll doom Bucharest in the first half of 2017. New date will be announced, stay tuned.


Unfortunately our gig in Sofia for November's Doom Days fest is canceled. We hope to make it soon and DOOM Sofia another day (or night) in the future.


So, two years after our last visit, we return to Romania. Always a special place to be!! Looking forward to meet all our friends there!! We'll be on stage on Friday November 25th for Doom Over Bucharest, which will take place in Bucharest on Friday November 25th & Saturday November 26th.


Proudly we announce our first ever visit in Bulgaria. November's Doom Days will take place in Sofia on Friday November 25th & Saturday November 26th. We will be on stage on Saturday. We hope to meet you all there!!


On Saturday May 14th we return to Patra!!
We'll share the stage with our friends Clamor of Existence and Omega Monolith. See you all on and off stage!! Official event here.


UMMADOOMA in Patra!! On January 9th we share the stage with Clamor of Existence and Cosmic Plunge.
Here is the official event.


UMMADOOMA everyone!! On January 10th we share the stage with the smokers of Sadhus (The Smokin Community), our brothers from Crete Cosmic Plunge and the unique Immensity.
Here is the official event.
See you there DOOMSTERS!!


We are really honored to announce that we'll be the support act of Paradise Lost's upcoming show in Athens. The gig will take place at Fuzz club on Sunday November 22nd. We'll share the stage with one of our main influences, a band that is responsible for creating a big part of the doom/death sound. Yiannis Filippaios (Decemberance, Daylight Misery, Immensity) will be our session drummer for that show. Here is the official event link.
See you all on, and off, stage!!


We are really sad to announce that George left the band some days ago. It was a hard decision for him and us too, as we were together more than 10 years, but the lack of time didn't leave any choices. Everything happened in a really friendly way. We'd like to thank him for all the years and memories we shared with him and we wish him all the best for his personal and musical life. He was a founding member and he will always be a huge part of Shattered Hope!!


Our first ever visit to Portugal!!
Shattered Hope are confirmed to play the Under the Doom festival which will take place in Lisbon on February 13th.
See you on stage!!


With great pleasure we announce our return to Patra after 7 years. On Saturday, March 21st, we'll be on stage along with Asphodel and Clamor of Existence. We hope to see you all there!!


It was about time, after three years we first shared the stage with Procession at Dutch Doom Days, to meet again our friends from Chile.
On January 17th in Thessaloniki and on January 18th in Athens we'll be part of one of the heaviest events in Greece. We'll share the stage with Procession, Dread Sovereign, Aeon Aphelion and The Temple.
Prepare for DOOM!!

Official event link here.


With great pleasure we return to our beloved Romania!!
This time it will be ARTmania festival, a well-known festival for its unique character. We'll share the stage with Therion, Eluveitie, Diary of Dreams, Crematory and many other great bands!!
ARTmania fest will take place in Sibiu on August 4th - 10th and we'll be on stage on Saturday 9th.
Looking forward to meet you all there!!


With great satisfaction we announce our co-operation with House of Ashes Production!!
House of Ashes was responsible for our first gig in Italy on May 2013. A great gig perfectly organized!! Since then, this promising and respectable production grew really fast, and from now on will be responsible for our international booking and management.

A new chapter begins for Shattered Hope and House of Ashes.
You'll find more info about House of Ashes on their official website.


Seven months after our first visit in Crete, we return to that great island for our second show over there. Shattered Hope will be part of Underworld Rises Fest which will take place in Heraklion on May 17th. See you on and off stage!!


"Waters of Lethe" available for pre-order! First 100 copies come in a strictly limited digipak edition. Place your orders here.


Here's a small taste of what is coming. "Waters of Lethe" teaser:


February 24th is the release date of our new album "Waters of Lethe" by Solitude Productions. There will be a limited edition digipak release too. The tracklist of the new album is the following:

1. Convulsion
2. For The Night Has Fallen
3. My Cure Is Your Disease
4. Obsessive Dilemma
5. Aletheia
6. Here's To Death

More info will follow about preorders.


Some sad news to announce. Eugenia is not anymore a Shattered Hope member. It was her personal choice to leave the band, due to lack of time, big distance between us and other personal reasons. Everything happened in a really friendly way. We'd like to thank her for all these years and we wish her all the best for her future. She will always be a big part of Shattered Hope. From now on, we'll be a five member band.


It was on 2009 that we met Ahab and shared the stage with them at DelftDOOM. A memorable show and one of the greatest bands on stage, one of the few that can reflect in the best way the feeling of their nautik funeral doom music on stage. So, on Sunday March 16th, at An Club, in Athens, we present for the first time our upcoming album "Waters of Lethe". Special guests and headliners of the show our friends from Germany, Ahab. More info will follow soon.
See you on (and off) stage!!


Some information about the cancellation of our gig with Saturnus in Istanbul, on May. As you had seen, the gig was canceled just five days before the arranged date. We said that more info would follow and here it is. The production there, Old School Productions, behaved on a really unprofessional and dishonest way. They canceled the gig just five days before its date, which damaged economically the production in Athens because both gigs were a co-operation between Athens and Istanbul. They promised to redress but no action. We hope to make it one day and be on stage in this really special city.


Our first gig in Crete island!!
We will be part of the 7th Bloodcult Fest. A great fest that has become a nice tradition over the last few years.
Bloodcult Fest will take place, as always, in Rethymno city on October 18th & 19th. We will be on stage on Saturday 19th.
See you at the bar!!


We are sad to announce that our gig with Saturnus in Istanbul is cancelled. More details will follow.


It's been almost 5 years since the last time we shared the stage with our friends from Denmark. So, two wonderful shows with Saturnus. The first one will be on May 18th in Athens and the second on May 19th in Istanbul. More details will follow.


Our first gig in Italy is a fact. On Saturday May 4th we'll be on stage of Rock & Roll club in Romagnano Sesia along with Evadne and In Loving Memory. More details will follow.


With great honor we announce our participation at DOOM SHALL RISE VIII. The festival will take place, as always, at the Chapel in Göppingen, southwest of Germany, on 26th & 27th April 2013. Shattered Hope will be on stage on Saturday 27th. For any further information you can visit DOOM SHALL RISE official website.