"Memoir" is the title of our upcoming EP and we are thrilled to reveal its cover and some info about it.

It is a painful piece of art consisted of two new Shattered Hope songs and a cover to our beloved Διάφανα Κρίνα (Diafana Krina), a band that somehow shaped, more or less, our musical directions.

The cover and the whole artwork was created from our talented and unique friend Mick Alexandrakis for Black Screen - Graphic Arts, and the result is more than awesome!

"Memoir" will be released in vinyl, CD & cassette by FYC Records. The release dates will be announced soon.

Stay tuned, stay DOOMED!


We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with FYC Records & Distro ahead of the release of our new EP within the next year. If you are also interested in booking us for a show in your city you can contact FYC. More info on the EP and songs to come soon.
Doom on!


Our upcoming album will be released on November 6th by Solitude Productions. Here is a small teaser of what the Doomsday will bring...


Our upcoming album "Vespers" will be released this November by Solitude Productions. Tracklist of the upcoming album is the following:

I. In Cold Blood
II. Verge
III. Συριγμός (Sibilation)
IV. Towards the Land of Deception
V. The Judas Tree

Our third album, is for sure the coldest shape of us. We are very pleased, or not, that we finally succeeded to capture our rotten feelings and broken minds in these 60 minutes of bizarre music. Looking forward to share every note of it with you all.

Click by our talented brother Nick Paleologos.


After four years since the release of "Waters of Lethe", we entered the studio at Timeless Recording Studios once more, to give shape to the chaos we were carrying in our minds. Our third album was recorded there by Babis Tzanidakis, who did a fantastic job. Mixed by our guitarist Sakis after a long and wearing process and the result was already awesome. Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, who gave it its final form which is solid, heavy and cold!! We have to thank everyone who was involved in order to make it happen. More info will follow. Prepare for DOOM...


After a few months of searching, finally, we'd like to introduce our new drummer. The hammers of doom will be forged by Yiannis Filippaios (Decemberance, Daylight Misery, ex- Immensity, ex- Ritual of the Black Sun). We are already rehearsing our upcoming third album, which we hope to release this year. Until then, stay doomed!


We are honoured to announce our participation in The Room Of Doom Fest!! The second edition of this great fest will take place at Temple, on October 5th. It's going to be a very special show for Shattered Hope, for reasons that we will announce in the future. We hope to see each one of you there.


It's been a while since our last show in Athens. So, on April 28th we share the stage with Bell Witch for a heavy and slow congregation! Doom will rise at Temple. See you at the bar...


With great pleasure we return to Heraklion for a night of doom!! On Saturday, March 18th, we share the stage with Omega Monolith at Στοά 60. Let there be DOOM...