Promo 2007

Released in 2007
Produced by Dinos Vallianatos & Shattered Hope
Recorded & by Dinos Vallianatos at MeBedroom Studio
Mastered by Sakis (Shattered Hope)
Artwork by Nick Palaiologos for 0KS Productions

1. Shadows from the Past
2. Enlighten the Darkness

Shadows from the Past

Waking up in fear
Filthy sweat on my body
Your hand no more...
... on mine

Without you, all alone
Pain, my only friend and guide

You came into my life
Fire burning in the night
Ohh now you have died
All the light in Underworld

Darkness has covered my eyes
The trees have dropped their leaves
I wait for you my love
Your touch will stop my heart

You haunt my dreams
This wasn't meant to last
Your silent screams
These shadows from the past

Cover me with your beauty...
Eyes full of you...
Death with no meaning...

Embrace me
(I've been falling for so long)
Swallow me
(There's no escape)
Feel me
(Dreams are fading away)
Kill me

Bury me deep inside this dream
Burn my eyes, blinding light...
Wild flower in garden of heaven
Release me from this hell...

Enlighten the Darkness

Dead-moon rising
Enlighten the darkness of my soul
As it withers through ages
Waiting this empty dream

Black sky
Showing my fate, my dreams, my life
And I sigh as I walk in this
…dead path

Loveless heart cries in pain
All we shared has left me back
It will be no star in my sky
I’ll never wish again
Same wish as ever
Same dream forever

Dry my lips with your kiss
Sweet and warm
This rain is killing me
Becoming one with my tears

Feel every single beat
of my aching heart
You…my death…